१३ माघ २०७९, शुक्रबार

Farmers Elated After Ginger Gets Good Price

प्रकाशित मिति :  २८ भाद्र २०७६, शनिबार ०९:४४

14 Sept., Miklajung

Ginger farmers in Panchthar district have been elated after they are able to sell ginger at high price as compared to the previous year. They are selling ginger at Rs 6,000 per maan, which is sharp rise from the previous year only Rs 1500 per maan.

The price of the spice witnessed fourfold rise because of low production and easy export to India. India had obstructed the export of ginger, which resulted in farmers’ lack of interest and investment in cultivating of the spice. The production this year declined by fifty percent. Ginger farmer Dhakendra Bhattarai informed that it was because of easy export to India.

It is the harvest time of the ginger planted six months back. Small farmers from various villagers sell the products to big traders who export it to India. “Few farmers planted ginger this year because they could not sell it last year. We’re very happy to see four-fold price hike this time,” said another farmer, Bhakta Chuhan. Ginger is used to make spice, jam, candy, shampoo. Among 14 districts of State 1, Panchthar, Ilam, Tehrathum, Taplejung and Dhankuta do the commercial farming of ginger. rss

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